Wine Making Supplies


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Wine Making Supplies: What you need to get started

Wine Making Supplies

The home brewing of spirits, especially wine, has become a popular hobby for many persons.

Some do it for the joy of making their own brand of wine, others do it for the challenge, but all of them get to enjoy the fruits of their labor in the end, which is really what it’s all about.

Before getting started though, it is absolutely imperative that you have the correct equipment before getting started.

Below is a general list of Wine Making Equipment and steps to help you on your journey to creating your personal vintage.

Sterilization of Wine Making Equipment

Before a single sip can be made, all of the wine making equipment should be properly sterilized. This will help to ensure that bacteria and other harmful contaminants will not be present in your drink. If you purchase a brewing kit, follow the enclosed instructions, otherwise, you should ask persons where you purchase your equipment for the best method to use.


You will need several types of containers to use through out the brewing process.

  • For primary fermentation, a large plastic bucket is recommended here, #5 size is commonly used.
  • A carbuoy is a large container with a narrow neck. Though it is not considered to be a necessity by some home brewers, it’s narrow neck can be stopped (used with an airlock gasket) to prevent the wine from oxidizing.  It is also helpful if the carbuoy is glass, as glass does not allow the growth of bacteria on it’s sides.
  • Smaller bottles for final corking should also be purchased for storing and enjoying your vino once it is ready to drink.

Miscellaneous Equipment

You will need a stopper and airlock gasket for the carbuoy, as mentioned previously, but you will also need corks and a corker to achieve and store your final product. These can be purchased at your local home brewing store. Lastly, you will need several siphoning tubes and a funnel to take the wine from the carbuoy to the bottles. Just for fun, you can have your own labels designed and put onto the bottles as a finishing touch.

These are just general guidelines for the purchase of wine making equipment. Those who are genuinely interested should research the process as well as the proper equipment thoroughly. Happy brewing!