Extracting Juice with a DIY Fruit Press

homeade fruit press

It’s easy to extract fruit juices for wines using a DIY fruit press. A basic press has a few simple components: a basket, a press and a frame.

The basket of the fruit press should have openings to allow the juice to flow through. This can be accomplished either by using a slatted wooden basket or by using a bucket with holes drilled in the bottom.

If using a wooden basket, choose a basket made from hard woods and coat with a food-safe paraffin to simplify cleanup.

A pan should be placed beneath the basket to catch the juices extracted from the fruit. Many options are available for the press itself, from simple boards and C clamps to complex electric pistons.

When the DIY fruit press is finished, the fruit should be thoroughly washed and dried before being loaded into the press. Fruit that appears to be rotting or molding should be disposed of and not pressed for juices.

To make it easier to press the fruit, cut it into chunks or shred it using a food processor or grater.

Once pressing is complete, the fruit juice should be strained to remove any remaining pulp or seeds. Since fresh fruit juice contains no preservatives, it should be refrigerated to prevent spoiling.