French Wine Barrels

French Wine Barrels

french wine barrels

Commonly used wine barrels are French Wine Barrels.

There are many factors that influence the taste of wine. The barrel that the wine is made in is an important factor in the end result of the wine’s taste.

There are a few different types of barrels that are used when making wine that give it a difference in its overall taste.

The importance of French Wine Barrels.

French Wine Barrels are typically harvested from a French oak tree that is named the Sessile oak.  This type of oak is harvested in government run forests. These forests are hundreds of years old.

The importance of French Wine Barrels is the release of its natural elements into the wine. This type of oak releases tannis, phenols and solids into the wine which gives the wine its unique flavor.

French Wine Barrels typically cost hundreds of dollars more than other barrels usually starting out at about $500 per barrel. A wine maker generally depends on the type of barrel they use when determining the final taste of the wine.

Wines that are aged in French barrels are known to have more complexity than wines that are aged in metal barrels or in American oak barrels.