How to Make Lighted Wine Bottles

Lighted Wine Bottles

Lighted Wine Bottles

Lighted wine bottles can be an excellent way to decorate your home or to give as gifts. Before starting this project, make sure that you have a pair of safety glasses and gloves.

To start this project, you will first need a wine bottle, a drill with a 1/2 inch diamond drill bit, a string of small end-to-end lights, a pair of wire cutter and twist wire caps. Make sure that the bottle is clean and remove any labels.

Wearing your safety glasses and gloves, slowly drill a hole in the lower bottom of the wine bottle.  Do not put much pressure on the drill.  Spray WD40 on the bit to prevent the glass from cracking.  Rinse the inside of bottle out to remove any glass.

If you are planning to paint the bottle, you should paint your bottle with a sheer frosting spray. It may take up to 24 hours for the bottle to dry. For the lights, you will need to cut the string three inches from the light nearest the plug, strip off 3/4 inches of the cording insulation at both ends exposing the copper wire.  Then twist both copper wire ends together and cap the wires using a small wire nut to make the connection.

Once this step is completed, you should place the lights inside of the bottle thru the hole at the bottom or by stuffing them in from the top of the bottle. You may need to use an object such as dowel stick to spread the lights evenly over the bottle. Once the lights are in, you can then decorate your new lighted wine bottles