Mead Yeast

Mead Yeast Makes for a Perfect Summer Wine

Wine Mead

Nothing is better on a hot summer evening than sitting back and relaxing with a nice, tall glass of mead. This type of wine is easy to make and can be done right in your kitchen using regular cooking tools.

Some prefer to recite a chant or prayer when serving this type of wine to consecrate the space as well as the occasion.

Mead Yeast may be used in this process, but brewer’s yeast will work just as well. Start by boiling water and herbs if so desired.

If herbs are being used, the water will need to boil for a longer period of time so the water is infused with the flavor. Once this is done, dissolve the honey in the water.

Pour this honey water into a clean container such as a jug. Remove the herbs by straining the water through a cheesecloth. Allow the honey water to cool down to room temperature, approximately 80 degrees is good.

Once the water has cooled, add the Mead Yeast and agitate the mixture as this will oxygenate the yeast. Cover the mixture and allow to stand for one to two days. Strain again into a clean container and chill until you are ready to share.