Mini Wine Bottles

Mini Wine Bottle Gifts

Mini wine bottles

Mini Wine Bottles make great gifts for giving during the holidays and for special occasions.

As gifting during the holidays and special occasions can put a strain on the budget, learning how to fabricate your own mini wine bottles will greatly assist in saving money. 

It will also add a very unique touch to your gift making it even more personalized.

Making your own mini wine bottles is extremely simple and can be made with items that you may already have on hand.

 Needed Items:

     * Mini Liquor Bottles           

     * 1 Large Bucket           

     * 1 Coin such as a penny or dime

     * Warm Water                      

     * Customized lables or decorations of your choice                     

1. Place the mini liquor bottles in the large bucket and soak the bottles in warm water for 10 minutes.

2. Use the coin to scrape off all existing labeling on the bottle. If some of the labeling will not scratch off soak the bottle for a few more minutes and then  scrape the bottle again or use an object with a sharper edge to remove any left over labeling and glue.

3. Once all the labeling is removed you may now apply your own customized label or you may decorate the bottle according to your holiday or occasion.

4. Fill the bottle with the wine of your choice about 3 hour before your celebration.  Then apply the cap and refrigerate.