Red Wine Yeast

Red Wine for Health?

Red Wine Yeast

Often we hear about how red wine can be good for us. Why is this so?  What health benefits do you receive when consuming a glass of red wine?

Benefits of Red Wine Yeast

There are many benefits of Red Wine Yeast to consider.

Diabetics have found that this ingredient can help stabilize blood sugar.  Those who have hypoglycemia can go between meals for longer periods of time and won’t feel weak or sick after consuming red wine.  This is not an alternate treatment, but an aid in managing your disease.

Heart conditions may also benefit from the addition of red wine to a diet. It is believed that this type of yeast may help to treat coronary heart disease. Not only does it appear to reduce the risk of getting the disease, but it may also reduce the severity if you already have it.

Red Wine Yeast also helps to stimulate metabolism while speeding up digestion. If you have an upset stomach, drinking a glass of red wine can neutralize some of the stomach acids also. By consuming this glass, you can also lower your cholesterol.

This type of yeast contains a chemical known as lovastatin which decreases your overall cholesterol level. Finally, red wine yeast also slows the growth of tumors which can be help if cancer treatment is delayed for any reason.   Although this product should not be substituted for traditional medical treatments, it can be a beneficial tool in your treatment plan.