Used Wine Barrels

Used Wine Barrels


Contaminated oak wine barrels cost the wine industry millions of dollars per year as it spoils the wine and makes it unsafe for consumption.

As many people enjoy the art of making wine it is important to know that making wine from used wine barrels must be sanitized first or the wine will also be extremely unhealthy to drink.

The great news is that home wine makers are able to sanitize their used wine barrels right at home. It’s fairly easy but does have quite a few steps involved.

Items Needed:


Sodium Metabisulphite


Sanitizing Used Wine Barrels

1. The barrel needs to be halfway filled with cold water.

2. Next add one tablespoon of sodium metabisulphite per gallon of water.

3. Tightly cover the barrel and then rock the barrel back and forth to cover the inside of the barrel.

4. Open up the barrell and fill the barrell with water to the very top.

5. The barrel will need to sit now for 24-48 hours.

6. Next you will need to drain the barrel and thoroughly rinse the barrel out for a total of eight minutes.

7. Drain the barrell and let it get to room temperature.

8. Fill the barrel with cold water until ready to be used.