Wine Barrel Planters

How to Make Planters from Used Wine Barrels


How to Make Wine Barrel Planters


There is nothing more unique or creative than using old wine barrels as planters for your home.

Find a used Wine Barrel

Wine Barrel Planters are extremely hard to make on your own so it is much easier to either purchase an old wine barrel or if you have a winery in your town they will sometimes give the used wine barrels away for free.

Once you have the wine barrel, turning it into a planter is very simple. Just as you would plant flowers in a planter you would use the same method for planting beautiful flowers in your used wine barrel.

Drill holes and cut in half

Once you have your wine barrel you will need to drill a few holes in the bottom of the barrel to allow for drainage when watering your plants or flowers.
Next you may want to have the barrel cut down about half of it’s size.

Add soil and plants

Once it is cut to size you simply want to add soil to the barrel. Once the soil is added you will may start your flowers or plants using the seeds of your choice or you may purchase seedlings that are already somewhat grown or you may use full size flowers or plants.

After your seeds, seedlings or plants are planted be sure they have an ample amount of water. Once watered your Wine Barrel Planters are complete.

Caution – Do not plant Big trees!…..

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Bad Idea for a wine barrel plant