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Wine Barrel Furniture

Why Choose Wine Barrel Furniture and Flooring? Wine Barrel Furniture is an attractive addition to any home and can be used in a variety of places. If you have used wine barrels taking up space in your home or yard, why not put them to a useful purpose. More and more people are discovering the […]

Wine Barrel Planters

How to Make Planters from Used Wine Barrels   How to Make Wine Barrel Planters There is nothing more unique or creative than using old wine barrels as planters for your home. Find a used Wine Barrel Wine Barrel Planters are extremely hard to make on your own so it is much easier to either […]

French Wine Barrels

French Wine Barrels Commonly used wine barrels are French Wine Barrels. There are many factors that influence the taste of wine. The barrel that the wine is made in is an important factor in the end result of the wine’s taste. There are a few different types of barrels that are used when making wine […]

Used Wine Barrels

Used Wine Barrels Contaminated oak wine barrels cost the wine industry millions of dollars per year as it spoils the wine and makes it unsafe for consumption. As many people enjoy the art of making wine it is important to know that making wine from used wine barrels must be sanitized first or the wine […]