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Cherry Zin – No Zin Grapes but a GREAT Taste!   By Mike Carraway   When we bottled it, it didn’t taste very good – I have to be honest. I thought it was just another failure. WRONG! 7 months in the bottle makes a HUGE difference. So, without further adeaux…. Here is my recipe […]

Winemaking Formula

Although there is a lot involved in making your own wine, it can really be boiled down into 5 easy parts.  Watch this video now to get your own wine blueprint.

Sulfites in your Wine?

Winemakers have been adding additional sulfites to wines for thousands of years. The Greeks and Romans used sulfur candles to sterilize their wine barrels.

Wine Recipes

Simple Wine Recipe   For those who are interested in making their own wine, there are several great wine recipes available online and in wine making cookbooks. It is very important to follow each step correctly.  For those who are looking for an easy recipe, Jug wine is an excellent choice. Jug Wine To make […]

Types of Wine Grapes

Selecting the Right Grapes Selecting the right wine grapes is an important step in the wine making process. Each types of grapes has it owns characteristics such as taste, size and color. Currently, there are over 40 different types of wine grapes available around the world. However, only certain grapes are able to create great […]

Wine Making Process

Wine Process Making wine at home can be a fun and easy task. However, it is important for beginners to first learn about the wine making process. Use Sterile Equipment When making wine, a person should always use clean sterile equipment, keep the wine at proper temperature during the fermentation process, and use the right […]

Selecting Commercial Wine Equipment

Commercial Wine Equipment When starting up or expanding a winery business, commercial wine making equipment is often one of the first purchases made by the owner. Since this equipment is often expensive, it is wise to first determine what type and amount of equipment will be needed and create a purchase budget before getting started. […]