Wine Making Process

Wine Process

Wine Process

Making wine at home can be a fun and easy task. However, it is important for beginners to first learn about the wine making process.

Use Sterile Equipment

When making wine, a person should always use clean sterile equipment, keep the wine at proper temperature during the fermentation process, and use the right amount of yeast.

Select the Fruit

The first step in the wine making process is to first select the fruit for the wine and cut it up into smaller pieces. It is best to remove the skin of the fruit because it may cause the wine to taste bitter.

Add Water and Campden

Next, place all of the wine ingredients into the fermenter except the yeast. Water and campden tablets should be added to the mixture.  Add 2 Campden tables per gallon of wine to sterilize After adding the water and campden tablets, the fermenter should be covered and allowed to sit for 24 hours.

Add Yeast and Ferment

After 24 hours, the yeast should be added to the mixture and it should be allow to sit for five to seven days. This period is the start of the first fermentation process. After the last day, the wine should be moved carefully to another fermenter, an air lock should be applied and water should be added to the halfway mark. The wine making process will be completed after allowing the wine to ferment again for up to four to six weeks.