Wine Press Plans

Making a Wine Press

wine press plans

A homemade grape press is a great thing to have if you like to make your own wines, jellies or jams.

This is an easy project that even the average home owner can complete quickly.

If you are interested in making your own grape press, look for Wine Press Plans, as many are available to choose from.

Your Press Plans should include a section on how to build a crank press. A crank operated vice will be needed to complete this portion.

Measure the two flat portions of your vice and cut wood blocks the same size. Attach these blocks to the vice and then attach the vice to the side of your collection barrel.

Now you can crank handfuls of grapes into your barrel.  Just place the grapes between the wood blocks and crank them together.  Let the pieces fall in the barrel

A large press may be more beneficial if you are doing a large quantity of grapes. This type of wine press requires a large, flat barrel as well as a 4’X4′ piece of plywood. Screw a broom handle or similar stick to the plywood. Place the grapes in the barrel and then smash them with the plywood.

If you don’t want to spend money on Wine Press Plans and don’t have the skill or desire to build one, use your feet. This technique was once featured in an old I Love Lucy episode and remains a fun and popular method of smashing grapes today.

Place the grapes in a large barrel which has a mesh bottom and place a collection bucket underneath. Wash and sterilize your feet and start stomping.

Or if all plans fail, buy a ready made wine press.  You can find a nice selection on Amazon.