Wine Recipes

Simple Wine Recipe



For those who are interested in making their own wine, there are several great wine recipes available online and in wine making cookbooks.

It is very important to follow each step correctly.  For those who are looking for an easy recipe, Jug wine is an excellent choice.

Jug Wine

To make Jug Wine, you will need to have two cans of thawed 100% grape juice, one gallon of distilled water, 3.5 cups of sugar, one package of yeast, a gallon glass jug and one punching balloon. You should place the grape juice in the glass jug and heat the distilled water to 110 degrees. You should allow the sugar to dissolve in the warm water and then add the yeast.

Once this step has been completed, you will need to add the water mixture to the glass jug and place the punching balloon over the bottle by taping it. Before placing the punching balloon over the bottle, be sure to rinse it first. The bottle should be placed in a dark roomy area to allow the balloon to expand.

After thirty days, you should strain the wine into another glass jug before drinking it. Other simple wine recipes are Farmer’s Wine and Elderberry.