Wine Yeast

Wine Yeast Tips for the Home Wine Maker

Wine Yeast

The fermentation process is what distinguishes wine from grape juice. In order for the fermentation process to work, wine yeast is needed.

The Importance of Wine Yeast

The most important ingredient in wine making is wine yeast. It is not only an important ingredient but the process of mixing it with the must can make or break the wine. The yeast works by absorbing the sugar from the fruit and turning it into both alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Buying Wine Yeast

The process of buying wine yeast is a fairly uncomplicated one. Make sure that the label reads something to effect of wine making yeast. Generic brands work well as do the specialty brands that the wine making connoisseurs may be using. A little wine making yeast goes a long way so be aware that a 10 milligram packet of yeast mixes with 10 gallons of must.

Activating the Yeast

The yeast must be activated before it is mixed into the must. This process will ensure that optimum results are received once the two are mixed together. To activate the yeast, mix it with a cup of juice squeezed from the must and set aside for at least 12 hours before mixing it into the must. If you happen to forget to set aside a cup of juice from the must, using a cup of lukewarm water in it’s place will work just as well. Once the yeast is activated, it will appear as it is boiling.


The timing of mixing in the yeast with the must is crucial. It is of utmost importance to not mix it in too early or too late. Wine yeast is mixed in with the must at least 24 hours after the fruit has been crushed. It then begins the fermentation process and continues for 5 to 7 days and should be stirred no more than 2-3 times per day.

While the hardest part of wine making is the wine yeast process, it is a relatively simple one once you know what to buy, how to use it, when to mix it and why it is a crucial part of the whole wine making process. Now you have no excuse not to make yourself a batch of delicious homemade wine.