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Wine Press Plans

Making a Wine Press A homemade grape press is a great thing to have if you like to make your own wines, jellies or jams. This is an easy project that even the average home owner can complete quickly. If you are interested in making your own grape press, look for Wine Press Plans, as […]

FREE Fruits and Grapes to Make Wine

How to Get FREE Fruits and Grapes to Make Wine by Mike Carraway In this article, I will detail how you can get an endless supply of absolutely FREE fruit and grapes to make your wine with. I know it sounds too good to be true – it’s not. Years ago, when I first started […]

Extracting Juice with a DIY Fruit Press

It’s easy to extract fruit juices for wines using a DIY fruit press. A basic press has a few simple components: a basket, a press and a frame. The basket of the fruit press should have openings to allow the juice to flow through. This can be accomplished either by using a slatted wooden basket […]